Canvass Door-to-Door
Canvassers at a door

By going door-to-door in your neighbourhood during the coldest month of the year, you'll be warming the hearts of thousands of Canadians affected by heart disease and stroke.

You can support the door-to-door campaign by becoming a:


Volunteering just 3 hours of your time to open doors in your neighbourhood this February will have a huge impact on thousands of Canadians. As an Ambassador for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, you will go door-to-door to visit 20-25 houses on a route in your area to:

  • Ask for funds to support life-saving Heart and Stroke Foundation research
  • Hand out Heart Month brochures so that your neighbours can find out more about the Foundation and our free healthy-living eTools
  • Thank neighbours for supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation


Captains are critical to the success of the Campaign! You'll be working with Zone Leaders and/or Heart and Stroke Foundation staff to LEAD a team of Canvassers to deliver a successful Campaign. It's an important role that the Heart and Stroke Foundation greatly appreciates. As a Captain, you'll:

  • Organize a strong team of approximately 10 Canvassers
  • Deliver and collect kits
  • Follow up and provide support to your Canvasser team
  • Thank canvassers for their efforts

To learn more about the Captain role, check out the Captain’s Corner here.


Zone Leader

Becoming a Zone Leader has many rewards. You'll have a chance to meet new and inspiring people, utilize your organizational skills, develop new skills, but most of all you'll be an important part of the Heart Month Campaign. As a Zone Leader you'll work with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to:

  • Establish a strong team of approximately 10 Captains
  • Liaise with Captains to ensure they and their respective Canvassers have all the materials they need - when they need them - to ensure a successful campaign
  • Follow up and provide support to your Captain team
  • Thank Captains for their efforts

To canvass door-to-door, please register here

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