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Online canvassing is a great way to raise even more money for critical life-saving research - all from the comfort of your own home. From your own personal fundraising webpage, you can collect funds by sending emails to your friends and family. Your potential donors will be able to make a safe and secure payment online, and they'll automatically be issued an electronic tax receipt. Their donations will be tracked to your unique website address, so you'll know just how much of an impact you're making!

1. Get Set Up Online
Once you have registered online, you will be set up with your own fundraising webpage (your Headquarters) for friends and family to visit. You can set a personal fundraising goal, and personalize your page by sharing your own story and uploading your own photo or video. There is also pre-existing text and an image available for you to use.

2. Send Fundraising Emails to your Contacts
You can send emails directly from your Headquarters. You'll be provided with an email template to send to potential donors. You can personalize this email with your own message. Your contacts will be asked to visit your profile where they can give a secure donation.

3. Send Thanks
You'll be provided with a thank-you email template to send to donors. If you prefer to send a more personal note, you can customize each email with a special message.

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