Captain's Corner

Missed this year's Captain Summit? Watch the video to lead a stronger Heart Month campaign.

We cannot thank you enough for your commitment to being a Captain during the Heart and Stroke Foundation's February Campaign! Because of remarkable people like you, we are creating more survivors. Your support helps fund research that leads to medical breakthroughs, helps survivors recover faster and returns them home to their families sooner.

Thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm with your team of volunteers! As ambassadors for our cause, you are ensuring that your volunteers know just how vital their work truly is. As you recruit and lead your team of Canvassers, your guidance and encouragement will help them achieve success.

After you register as a Captain, you will receive an invitation to a Captain Summit in your area. This is an important information session for all Captains. At your Captain Summit you will receive a Captain Kit that contains all of the tools you'll need for a successful Heart Month, including the Captain Handbook.

Click here to see a copy of the Captain Handbook in English.
Click here to see a copy of the Captain Handbook in French.

The Captain Role:

Pre-Campaign (Summer/Fall):

  • Recruit your team of returning Canvassers within your neighbourhood using the contact information we provide. There will be 10 people to contact.
  • Attend an information session for Captains (Captain Summit) in the Fall
  • Attend/assist at a Heart Rally (the Heart Month launch) for Canvassers in January
  • Coach and motivate your Canvassers by answering questions and encouraging them to attend a Heart Rally, where they will pick up their Canvasser Kit

During campaign (February):

  • Deliver canvasser kits to your team of 10 Canvassers by February 1, if they have not picked them up at the Heart Rally, and train any Canvassers who did not attend a Heart Rally
  • Call your team of 10 Canvassers in mid-February, to ensure they complete their canvass by the end of February

Post-Campaign (March):

  • Pick-up Canvasser Kits from your team of Canvassers (if they did not already return them to a convenient drop-off location) and deliver them to your local Heart and Stroke office
  • Call and thank each of your 10 Canvassers

Haven’t registered to be Captain yet? It’s easy. You can do so right here.


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