Captain's Corner

We cannot thank you enough for your commitment to being a Captain during the Heart and Stroke Foundation's February Campaign! Because of remarkable people like you, we are starting to change the future for thousands of Canadians – giving them more time to laugh, to love and to live the lives they were meant to live.

Thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm with your team of volunteers! As ambassadors for our cause, you are ensuring that your volunteers know just how vital their work truly is. As you recruit and lead your team of Canvassers, your guidance and encouragement will help them achieve success. Together, you'll be helping their neighbours, friends, colleagues and families keep heart disease and stroke from affecting their lives too soon.

You will receive a Captain's Kit after you register as a Captain in your area. This kit contains all of the tools you'll need for a memorable and successful Heart Month. Check back in the fall for a preview of your Captain’s material!

Haven’t registered to be Captain yet? It’s easy. You can do so right here.


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