Gold Heart Canvasser

Are you volunteering as a canvasser this Heart Month? You can become a Gold Heart Canvasser!

What is a Gold Heart Canvasser?

  • A Gold Heart Canvasser is any canvasser that raises $500 or more during their February Canvass
  • Fundraising can be done door-to-door, online or a combination of the two.
  • All funds collected by means other than online, must be in the kit/money envelope at the time of the kit return to be considered towards the Gold Heart Canvasser minimum amount of $500.

And, when you set your goal as $500 or more on your online canvassing headquarters; a Gold Heart virtual Canvasser badge placed directly on your online canvassing headquarters for your donors to see!

If you want to let your Captain or Area Office know that you’d like to become a Gold Heart Canvasser, all you have to do is to set your online fundraising goal at $500 or more. If you aren’t an online canvasser, let your Captain, or your Area Office know of your goal when you pick up your Canvasser Kit. If you raise $500+ without setting that goal, that’s great, too! You will still be recognized as a Gold Heart Canvasser.

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