Helpful tips
  • Canvass in the early evening on weekdays and during the day on weekends - as these are the times that your neighbours are most likely to be at home.
  • Begin in early February so that you have plenty of time to revisit people you don't find at home on your first visit.
  • Keep track of homes where no one was home on the back cover of your Canvasser Kit. If there is no answer on your third visit, leave behind the Door Hanger. Return visits to ‘no answers’ can increase donations by 30% to 50%!
    • The Door Hanger is the piece in your Canvasser Kit that canvassers can hang on the resident’s door handle, mailbox or railing that contains a message to donate online.
  • Leave a Door Hanger at ALL homes on your route – those who give, those who do not give, and those who are not home on your third visit. It contains information on the impact of donations and a wallet card with the signs of a heart attack. It also explains how to make a donation online or by mail. (Also see What to say at the door for when to distribute Door Hangers).
    • Write your name clearly in the white box provided on each door hanger. Please ensure you are registered as an online canvasser before distributing your door hangers.
    • The door hanger will prompt your neighbour to visit As a registered online canvasser, your neighbour will be able to help you achieve your fundraising goal by donating directly to your personal Heart and Stroke Foundation donation web page.
    • After you have completed your route, visiting each home three times, remaining Door Hangers can also be distributed to your friends, family and colleagues, in order to drive online funds directly to your donation page.
  • Be sure to thank everybody for donating and try not to feel disheartened if people choose not to donate. Either way, you're performing an important task.
  • Canvassing should be a fun and social experience so consider taking a friend or family member along with you. It's a great way to teach your children about volunteerism and community involvement.
  • Keep your kit with you all the time - you never know when you'll run in to one of your neighbours. Also consider canvassing at your work-place (please get permission first).
    Once you have finished canvassing:
    • Count all donations and place them inside the money envelope.
    • Fill in the required information on the front of the money envelope.
    • Return your kit, money envelope, receipt book and volunteer button to your Captain, a kit return location or local Heart and Stroke Foundation office before the end of March (or as per the instruction via your Leadership Volunteer). Please don’t throw away your kit or receipt book (CRA regulations require that the Heart and Stroke Foundation collect all receipt books at the end of the campaign).
    • Ask your Captain or a Heart and Stroke Foundation staff if there is a Wrap Up Celebration in your area.
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