What to say at the door

Hello, my name is _________. How are you today? I am volunteering to canvass my neighbourhood this February for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. 9 in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke. Can I count on you for a donation in support of vital heart disease and stroke research? (see chart below for responses)

Potential Donor Your Response Your Action
"Yes, you can." "Thank you so much!" Issue a receipt for donations above $15, or upon request, and hand the donor a Heart Month brochure.
"Yes, but how much should I give?" "Any amount is welcome; we encourage you give what you can. Every donation helps us increase awareness, prevention and research funding that gives Canadians longer, fuller lives" Issue a receipt for donations above $15, or upon request, and hand the donor a Heart Month brochure.
"I've already given through another Foundation event/program." "That’s great! Thank you so much. Please take this Heart Month brochure to find out more about the Foundation and our free-healthy-living eTools" Hand out a Heart Month brochure.
"No." "Thank you for taking the time to answer the door. Here’s a Heart Month brochure. If you change your mind, you can still donate using the form inside or by going online." Hand out a Heart Month brochure. Show your neighbor where the web address is on the brochure.
"I don't have any money on me." "I'd be happy to accept a personal cheque or you can make a credit card donation right now using this tear-away mailer in this brochure. You have the option of making a single gift, or you can sign up for our monthly giving program for as little as $10 per month." IF THE DONOR CHOOSES TO MAKE A CREDIT CARD DONATION AT THE DOOR: hand them a Heart Month brochure and follow the steps below. ** If the donor chooses to make a donation via personal cheque, please place the cheque in your money envelope and hand them a Heart Month brochure, and issue a receipt (do not issue a receipt for a credit card donation, as per the steps below).
"Where will my fundraising dollars go?" "In 2011, the Foundation spent over $54 million on research into heart defects, improving stroke outcomes, and much more. Another $47 million was spent on health promotion programs such as grants that support kids’ health, free CPR training events and community health workshops." If a donation is given: issue a receipt for donations above $15 or upon request, and hand the donor a Heart Month brochure.


  1. Have the donor choose between making a single gift or monthly gift. Tear off the appropriate donation card from the Heart Month Brochure.
  2. Have the donor fill out their credit card information. Ensure that the donor fills out the credit card information him or herself. (Do not take their card or complete the form on their behalf.***)
  3. Have the donor place the donation card in the donation envelope and then seal it before giving it back to you.
  4. Once you get the sealed donation envelope back, simply put it into your money envelope. Return the money envelope to your Captain/Area Office at the end of your canvass.
  5. Thank the donor for making a donation.

***For privacy reasons, you cannot take the donation card from the donor unless it has been placed in the donation envelope provided and is sealed. Also, please do not ask the donor what amount they have chosen to donate, or whether they have chosen the single or monthly giving option. If the donor does not feel comfortable handing the donation card back to you, please let them know that they can place their donation in the mail at their convenience.

Please do not issue a tax receipt for credit card donations, you can inform the donor that they will receive their receipt in the mail.

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